Young Halfelf Riverguard in training


Paladin 5, Oath of Ancients, Diplomat’s Daughter Background

Str 16, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 16
AC 18 (Full Plate)
HP 44
Saves: Wisdom 4, Charisma 6
Skills: Athletics 6, Persuasion 6, Deception 6, Intimidate 6, Animal Handling 6, Perception 4


Only 17 years old, from the K’lendine lake village of Sylvan Falls, W’inni is an odd little duck. Short for an elf and tall for hobbit, W’nii has always strived to be as fierce a warrior as her older half brothers and sister. Her mother, the great elven priestess S’liina has tried to groom her as a diplomat or medicine woman, to follow the guidance of the River Goddess K’sumii. Her father, Gorman the Tallish a halfling Judge, has made a passing effort to teach her of Dawnish letters and law, but that clearly didn’t interest her either. Her true love has always been the excitement of wielding a long blade in battle, to smite those that might threaten her tribe.

When recent explorors sought refuge in their village, sickened by the Grey, W’nii, protected by the cleansing waves of the All Mother, was called upon to aid in their recovery. Grey scale is a dangerous disease with few remedies. The dwarf privately asked her to retrieve the cure from the northern mountains of his homeland and W’nii jumped at the chance. Her mother would not approve, but she would vowed to show herself as great a warrior as any in Sylvan Falls.

So she donned the smallest suit of of armor she could find, said goodby to H’mphrii her young pet River Horse, and set off north to find those who might aid her in this adventure.


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