Toruk Grimhorn

uhh... what?


Half Orc, Barbarian

6’9", 270lb
19 str, 14 con, 12 wis, 14 dex, 10 int, 8 cha
great weapon master

Mulhawk with rattail
Minor league hockey jersey
gold mirrored Oakleys
great axe

Cool shit:

Stopped a bigass rolling pin.
Killed some guys in a cave.
Has armor from some Brotherhood of the Orb nerds who might all be dead now.
Good at chopping trees.
Saw a naked girl once. That was p cool.
Saved the citizens of Deadwood.
Got some basilisk hearts to some dudes.
Beat a robot to death with its own arm.
Met Aurelian’s dad; possibly his dad too?
Didn’t get disintegrated.
Ripped a gobin’s head apart at the jaw.
Dodged 10 darts in a row.


Well spoken

Eats mayonnaise on everything

Toruk Grimhorn

Unnamed D&D World Lord_Barfdick_Fartshitington