Rezzik Vallon

Just a man dealing with his violent past, through violence.


Rezzik Vallon- A tall and burly man, grim of demeanor and wearing a perpetual scowl. His face carries many visible scars, and even more hidden by his full beard. He wears his hair long and free, down past his shoulder blades. Both his beard and his hair have are strikingly gray for a man in his 30s. He wears worn but well maintained splint, stained brownish, and dark brown leathers beneath and between his plates. He carries on his back a tan rucksack with a small buckler strapped to it, a small quiver of javelins that also holds a sword, and a glaive hanging with blade down. On his belt are several patches and a wicked looking dagger (see in the blue text) hanging of his left hip. Two other daggers are visible, one at his right boot and another snapped in upside down along his metal chest piece. He wears a dark brown hooded clook lined with furs.

Born to a farmer and local militiaman and a seamstress/musician in a small hamlet called Thistlevale, nestled against green rolling forested hills and a large river. An idealic upbringing until at 8 raiders led by a Dwarven warlord ransacked his village in search of something they did not find that day (or did they Brent?!). Instead most of the men and elderly were slaughtered and the women sold, trafficked or worse. His mother was mercifully killed in the attack. The male children were kept with the band and raised and brainwashed into brutal killing machines.

The leader of the order of the sword and lanterns; Vol-rin, Karakas entrusted the training of new “recruits” to his head “Dominar” Janus, responsible for training and indoctrination, and the “excruciator” Maketh for discipline, punishment and “moral improvement”

Early on Rezzik learned might makes right. For years all he could do was seethe and impotently watch the Half-Orc (named Keth) who had killed his father and taken his Glaive. It was one of the last remaining remnants he had of his father and it burned him inside to see his murderer wielding it. In his early teens after a particularly brutal training regimen and pushed by the heckling of the fighting men, Rezzik “snapped” and was able to surprise and kill him with a sharpened wooden “spear” he had been training with. He was exposed to the tender mercies of the excruciator for losing discipline during training maneuvers. He was however rewarded with the possessions of Keth and mustered into the fighting ranks. While he had gained back his father’s blade, the victory was hallow. Killing Keth had not fixed his pain or his situation and instead had robbed him of what little humanity he had left. As another punishment he was assigned to be a standard bearer. Always at the front of fights and always the most visible with the large red standard of the “sword and lanterns” affixed to the back of his armor. For years he fought at the bloody front of every battle, effectively moving at the whims of Vol-rin and still prodded by Janus, who rewarded his every act of cruelty with praise and encouraged his malice. In the aftermaths he also bore witness to the gleeful torture Maketh doled out to captives.

After a particularly vicious battle against a large band of trolls who had taken residence in a subterranean hall he witnessed Vol-rin procur a large crystal which immediately granted him horrific new necromantic abilities. The bloodshed and search for more artifacts only intensified after that. Every battle brought insane imagery. Enemies falling like lumps of meat, blown and shot apart by dark spells, arms and legs in trees. Flesh quivering in the heat from infernal fires. Flies and maggots covering everything.

Time passed and a small force of the lantern’s led by Janus was assigned to attack and set fire to a small hamlet as a diversion for Vol-rin’s forces to move through a guarded area to reach yet another site of arcane power. During the battle he witnessed similar atrocities to the one he experienced as a child and some measure of morality gripped him. In the chaos of battle and fire he slew men attempting to kill a couple and their two young boys and teenage daughter. He then discarded his banner and led the family away from the fight and deep into the wilderness. They successfully fled to prosperous town well away from the path Vol-rin was cutting through the country side toward his objectives. In that town he turned his skills of war into useful trades and helped the family make a place for themselves. He enmeshed himself within his new community and became a useful member of society.

Quiet yet fearful years passed and Rezzik reached his thirties. News came to the town that the rampaging Dwarven warlord had been slain and his army shattered by a band of adventurers and their assembled forces. Rezzik realized that he would eventually encounter remnants of his old army as the various people would scatter to the winds to find other callings in other places. He couldn’t allow those who would recognize him to associate him with the family he had watched over for so long so he took to traveling. He did indeed encounter some of his former compatriots and proceeded to slay any he came across.


He discovered that his old trainer Janus still lived and had also taken to adopting a quiet life on a small farmstead a few towns over. Rezzik traveled to the site of the farmstead. He slew Janus and ransacked his house, looking for clues. In it he found a journal with sketches and diagrams written in code. Was it related to the Dwarven necromancer’s work? Was it just personal recollections of Janus’s? Was it something else entirely? Rezzik took as a trophy from Janus’s body a distinctive dagger with a horrific medusa motif on the handle and pommel. Still he felt empty. It wasn’t his former associates he hated so much as himself. He hated himself for what they had made him become.

On his travels away he heard talk in tavern along a main trade route through the area. A new group was forming an adventurer’s guild in Bartlesville. Perhaps this could be a new beginning with him. He was never fully at ease in a quiet pastoral life. Perhaps it would be he who would raid these ancient sites of power instead of people like the now dead Vol-rin. He could hide or destroy or purify the evil magics he had seen. He could find a new group of people he could at last call comrades and through trials and crucibles atone for his past deeds. And besides, it couldn’t hurt to have a few people on his side if he encountered any other veterans of his unit. He set off to the city to find his fortune.

Rezzik Vallon

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